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Kumaraswamy Temple Sandur

Krauncha Giri is a small settlement in Karnataka, India, about 10 km from Sandur in Bellary…

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Tunga Bhadra Dam Hosapet

The Tungabhadra Dam also known as Pampa Sagar is constructed across the Tungabhadra River, a…

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Daroji Bear Sanctuary Ballari

Welcome to Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary. Locally known as KARADI, the Sloth Bear (Melursus Ursinus)…

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Virupaksha Temple

Virupaksha Temple Dedicated to Lord Shiva and his consort Pampadevi, this is the only temple…

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Kamalmahal Hampi

Lotus Mahal This visually appealing strucutre has two levels, with open pavilions at the bottom…

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Stone Chariot Hampi

Vijaya Vithala Temple The Vijaya Vithala Temple is Hampi’s crowning glory, with a magnificent stone…

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Mahanavami Dibba Hampi

Mahanavami Dibba Equally impressive is the massive Mahanavami Dibba, where the kings of the Vijayanagara…

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Queen’s Bath Hampi

Queen’s Bath Though the exterior may appear simple, the interior is stunningly ornate, with graceful…

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Ugranarasimha Temple Hampi

Ugranarasimha The awesome 6.7 meters high monolith depicting the man-lion form of Vishnu is seated…

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