Culture & Heritage

Bellary, more particularly the eastern part of the old Bellary district, had been the meeting place of two peoples-Kannadigas and Andhras. Here was a blending of the two ancient Dravidian cultures, a synthesis of both. Even though the culture, essentially and fundamentally, is of one character, it is inevitable that it manifests itself in diversity, suited to its local conditions, and controlled and shaped by the circumstances of the people. In the region called Rayalaseema, by its geographical situation and historical circumstances, the cultures of the Kannadigas and the Andhras have fused together. Any outsider who visits Bellary is struck by the hospitality of the people. They are calm and refined in their tastes. By tradition, they are patriotic and selfsacrificing. In the mediaeval period, the people of Bellary district and places round about stood against the onslaughts of the invading hordes. They have a rich tradition of art and literature and are highly praised in folklore for their valour.