General Information

Ballari District is endowed with vast natural resources for INLAND FISHERIES Development. The district has 73 departmental Tanks, 71 Gram Panchayat Tanks and 61 FFDA Tanks( Minor Tanks) with a Water spread Area of 12652 Hectors, 3 Reservoirs with a Water Spread Area of 39303 Hectors, 2 rivers with a length of 210 km. And 340 Km length of Irrigation canals. The T.B. Project as well as many other lift Irrigation schemes on the up stream and down stream of the T.B. Reservoir, T.B. River, Hagari river and major Canal in the District Irrigates about 2.50 lakh Hector of land. In the T.B. Command Area of Ballari District about 30000 Hectors of Irrigated land has become Saline and Water Logged which is unfit for agriculture and can be brought back to commercial use by excavating fish ponds and taking up fish culture. There is a Fishermen population of 41780 in the district out of them 12407 people are full time active fishermen.


The main objectives of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services in the District are of two-fold;(a) to provide health coverage to all the domestic animals , both for contagious and non-contagious diseases and (b)to take up livestock development activities for increasing the productivity of livestock, for the benefit of both producers as well as consumers.

The Zilla Panchayat Ballari has introduced several schemes to achieve the objectives of enhanced fish production which is a protein rich cheap animal protein to feed under nourished rural as well as urban population and also to provide employment and income generation activities to the rural population belonging to the socially and economically weaker section of the society. The tanks/reservoirs and other water bodies are leased on long term basis to the registered Fisheries Co-Operative Societies /youth Clubs /Mahila Mandals And Tank users groups of Jala Samvardhane Yojana Sangha are encouraged to take up composite fish culture. Apart from imparting training quality fish fingerlings are supplied for development of the water bodies to enhance fish production and to provide employment in fish catching, marketing, fish preservation etc.,

Fish Farming is being encouraged in the private irrigation lands in the Tungabhadra Command Area by giving incentives such as subsidy and training. During the last 15 years 222 fish culture ponds have come up with a total water spread area of 615 acres in Ballari District. Fish production to the tune of 2 to 3.5 tons per acre per crop is being harvested. Most of the fish ponds are excavated in saline and water logged areas of the T.B. Command area which is unfit for Agriculture thereby converting such lands in to commercial use. The bagging of the state level awards for highest fish production, per Acre indicates the growing awareness and tremendous scope for Inland Fish Farming in Ballari District.

To Uplift the Socio-economic conditions of the fishermen in Ballari District,11 fisheries co-operative societies have been organized and tanks, reservoirs ,and river stretches are being leased on long term basis to these

societies and quality fish fingerlings are being supplied by the Zilla Panchayat Ballari to develop fisheries and loans are being provided to the societies for the purchase of fisheries requisites like Nets, Boats, etc. Under special Component Plan schemes equipment worth Rs. 3000/- are provided at 100% subsidy basis and also tanks are provided to a group of S.C.P beneficiaries at nominal lease amount and fish fingerlings and fishing equipments are supplied on subsidy basis to provide employment and income generation to the beneficiaries.

During the year 2004-05 by disposal of Fishery rights of 34 Departmental tanks, 2 river stretches and 2 reservoirs(excluding T.B. Reservoir) by tender cum auction and lease to fisheries co-operative societies a revenue of Rs.4,06,245-00 is realized.

Information about the Beneficiary oriented schemes.

Scheme Name & Head of A/c
Construction and Maintenance of Fisheries Buildings and Facilities(ZP)
Under this Programme, Provision is made for constructions, improvement and ;maintenance of buildings. and construction of office staff quarters
Fish Seed Production Rearing and Distribution
Expenditure on production of fish seed in the fish seed production farms, rearing fish seed in farms and taluk level nurseries, cages and pens, procurement and transportation of fish seed, purchase of seed , purchase of seed transport vehicles, maintenance of vehicles and purchase of farm equipment etc, is to be met from the provision made under the scheme.
Inland Fisheries(Assistance)
Financial assistance will be given to fish farmers to develop fish culture in their ;own irrigation wells/tanks
Exhibition and Training
Provision is; made under the scheme to meet the expenditure towards participation in the district and taluk level exhibitions.And publicity through handbills about the fisheries development schemes.
Inland Fisheries Assistance to Central Fish Farmers Dev.Agency(ZP)
The expenditure on developmental activities will be shared on 75:25 basis by the Government of India and the State. This scheme envisages training of farmers, Lease of minor tanks to the trained farmers to take up intensive fish culture, supply of fish seed, manure etc. Assistance to the construction of New ponds.
Assistance of Fish Marketing and Mathsyavahini(ZP)
Local bodies are encouraged through financial assistance to purchase the bicycles and ice box so as to ensure marketing fish under hygienic condition, by granting subsidy to such local bodies in the district.
Inland Fisheries project NCDC Assistance
Establishment of KIOSKS for the sale of fish in Ballari Taluk..
NCDC Assistance for investment in Fisheries Co-Op. Societies
In order to improve the working conditions of 10 Fisheries Co-Operative Societies by supplying the fish seed as per their requisition.
Loans to Fisheries Co-Op .Societies for Implementation of NCDC Assisted Project.
Under the Scheme, Members of Fisheries Co-Operative Societies are eligible for loan for procuring fisheries requisites such as nylon/twines, coracle, etc.

Whom to contact

For getting the information regarding the departmental Schemes., the fisheries developmental activities and about the Pisciculture , the following officers; may be contacted.

Contact Officer's Designation
For What
Senior Assistant Director For over all information about the developmental programmes and schemes
Assistant Director, Gr-2 , Ballari,
Assistant Director, Gr-2 , Sandur
Assistant Director, Gr-2 , Kudligi
Assistant Director, Gr-2 , Hadagali
For getting the information about the concerned Taluka Schemes and assistance to the co-operative socities.